Ant Nectar Ant food

Ant Nectar Ant food

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100% all Australian natural ingredients

Contains no presevatives

Contains Sucrose, Electrolytes,Calcium and Vitamin D3

NOTE: No refrideration required.

100 ml Plastic squeeze bottle with metal pouring tip.

Ant Park Strawberry Sunrise Ant Nectar

Ant Park Strawberry Sunrise Ant Nectar is a simple to use, convenient and reliable liquid food tested and proven to be effective and popular with all types of ants that have a sugar rich diet. 

All natural, Australian made from Australian Ingredients - Ant Park Strawberry Sunrise Ant Nectar has been rigorously tested for over 5 years and guaranteed ant-safe. Made from all natural, all Australian ingredients.

Directions for use: Feed 2-3 times a week, Use only as much as your Ants can consume within an hour. Otherwise ants will become overly fed and feed less actively. 

Shelf life - Ant Park Strawberry Sunrise Ant Nectar may be used for up to 6 months after opening. No refrigeration is required, but may extend product life.

Ingredients – Sucrose, Water, all natural fruit flavour, Vitamins and Organic minerals. 

Contains no preservatives