You have purchased an amazing product designed for Australian Ants with different size tunnels to suit different sizes of Ants.

As your colony grows you may need to purchase one of our larger models so that your colony does not become overcrowded. (most larger Acrylic models have expansion sleeves/gates that enable your Ant Farm to get bigger as your colony grows, as Ants like a more confined space to begin with and will only make rubbish piles if provided with too much space.)

When you first put you colony in the outworld, DO NOT empty the ants out of the test tube.  Just sit the Test Tube in the Ant Farm near the nest entrance they will move when ready some difficult ones have taken a couple of weeks, patience is the key to succesfull ant keeping. TIP: if you have a small outworld that will not take the test tube horizontally, simply put it in on an angle with coconut oil applied to the open end first half of the test tube. This oil can also be used around the top of the outworld to prevent escapes and also trap unwanted scout invaders.

Ants do drink water so always have a water tower available for them to drink from, these are available in the Essentials section of our shop. Combine the postage and SAVE.

Most Ants eat sweet foods, we feed all ours our own ANT TUCKER readily available in our store. NOTE: our Ants are all raised on ANT TUCKER using a less favourable food may affect colony growth). TIP: Ants will often get stuck in honey we do not recommend it.

Outworlds (sold separately) on some models are always a good idea to attach to your Antfarm, as this gives the Ants a foraging area away from the Nest and they will also use this area to dispose of their rubbish. Insects and drinking feeders can be placed in the outworld.

The Hebel Block Ant Farm is easily hydrated by simply watering the unit where the base joins with the stand or through one of the injection ports that leads to a sponge hydration chamber. (some species require little hydration, but all will require access to water in small quantities.) Too much water will destroy the young that spin a cocoon or pupae as the silk spoils.

Acrylic Ant Farms assembly:

Our Australian made Formicariums (Ant Farms) are already assembled ready to post, outworld can also be attached by us.

The imported Formicariums are ones are mainly posted DIY assembly so they do not get broken in the post as they do have some pieces that will break if manhandled. If you are having trouble assembling ask us for our photo assembly instructions, photos are on the product pages.

Remove the protective coating off the Acrylic best way is to get a small pin or blade in the corner of each piece and lift and peel it off from there.

Acrylic Ant Farms come with automatic Hydration that needs to be watered regulary to keep up the humidity in the nest area. Some models have test tubes that have water and cotton areas that provide the humidity and moisture. But remember the biggest enemy to a Pupae (spun cocoon is water flooding it).

Our models with the new super soaker sponge can stay hydrated for 1 to 2 weeks at a time where as common kitchen sponge with only hydrate for a few days and deteriorated more rapidly from internal bacteria.

Different Ants have different food requirments eg: Camponotus will drink honey/water 50/50 mix (this should be kept in the refrigerator) or you can purchase our ANT TUCKER and they all love this.

Mymercia Adults will drink the honey or sugar  water, but the Larvae require protein on a regular basis. Also when they are pupating they will need sand or dirt to assist in the spinning the cocoon or pupae.

Myrmecia (Bullant) from larvae to Pupae to worker.

Myrmecia will will take between 5 and 8 weeks in the larger Myrmecia the smaller ones such as Pilosula 3 to 5 weeks. In the wild the Ants bring the Pupae to the surface to get warmth to assist in the transformation. Having a heat cable or mat in an area of the Formicarium can quicken the process and ensure that they don't die in there from lack of temperature gradient. Pupae that don't hatch in the summer months are unlikely to hatch with out heat assistance if kept in cold areas where no access to heat is available, we sell a range of heat cable mats and rocks in our store for the colder months or to speed up the process. Care should always be taken that the Queen has the ability to move the Pupae away from the heat as they do in the wild where at night they are moved to the depths of the colony. Information from

Some wood ants will need wood in the nest.

Our products are Made in Australia and purchased overseas with the Australian Ants in mind. They have all been tested and found to be the best available for specific species. Some products sold in Australia from large chain stores are unsuitable for our Ants and a purchase can cause disappointment.

Gel Antfarms are not suitable at all for any of our Ants, we have tested them and they are only good to observe a few workers digging tunnels, they will not survive in there.

Important Tips: Never expose the Antfarm to direct sunlight. Use a heat cable in the colder months to promote activity. (sold separately), use our formulated ANT TUCKER for strong colony growth.

TIPS for Model 2 best seller:

Tip: release the Ants by placing the test tube with the lid off in the outworld.  They will come out when ready sometimes it can take a week or two.  To anchorage exit from the test tube, put a towel or similar over the nest area to make that area darker.

For easy access to the Outworld area we recommend long tweezers for maintenance and removing and filling Feeding towers. (long 20cm tweezers available in the essentials section of the shop)

Do not remove the extension gates until the colony has stated to multiply and always keep the bottom sponge hydrated, this can be done by using a blunt tip syringe to wet the sponges.  (the long tweezers and blunt syringes are available in the Ant Shop in the essentials section.)

Where the round lid goes on put some coconut oil on your finger and run it around the inside of the rim, this will prevent ants coming out when you take the lid of for any maintenance.

I can be contacted at for and specific issues.