Products sourced from our overseas factories with FREE delayed postage.



We have sourced some of the best overseas models that will be delivered all over the world with our drop shipping partners.  These items have delayed delivery times and delivery will depend on which county you live in.  If you require the product quickly or want to buy one of our Australian made products, go to the Aussie made section.  We do hold a few overseas models in there as well.   The overseas drop shipping orders come with our full guarantee and postage is FREE on these items.  Items may be purchased in conjunction with Australia stock and  locally manufactured items but the overseas stock will have FREE delayed postage. Overseas postage depending on your country can take 7 to 30 days.

Note: if ordering an overseas Antfarm and an Australian Ant for that Antfarm, let us know so we delay sending the Ants out as you will have nothing to put them in.

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