Ant Farm Formicarium Acrylic Immediate Delivery

We have selected some of the best Acrylic Antfarms to sell and use these ourselves as the have a proven track record. They have proved to be the best through extensive testing.   

Features including:

shut off tabs to pull out as the colony grows (larger Farms)

super soaker hydration sponges for extra water storage.

Side expansion ports to enable feeder outworlds to be attached with our special bolt on connecters that will not pull out.

escape and invader proof designs with multiple functional lid sets

buy them with attached outworld which can also be extended to make your outworlds even bigger by using the side expansion ports.

Now held in Australian stocks, in selected colours

Tip can't work out the right size Ant. Farm message us and we will recommend the right size for the right Ant because we know how much your colonies will grow over time with the correct care. We feed our Ants Hailes Aquariums ANT TUCKER full of the great food our Ants love to eat this Canberra purchased in the foods section.

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