AUSTRALIAN MADE Antfarms made in 3 great sizes fully assembled.

We have taken the best and made it better with our new all in one Antfarms that are suited to most Ants as your colony develops.   

NOTE:  All products in this section are fully assembled and made in Australia.

Features of our Aussie Antfarms include:

Made in Australia and fully Assembled ready to go.

Shut off tab gates to pull out as the colony grows (larger Farms)

super soaker hydration sponges for extra water storage 4ml storage in each one and only need to be hydrated once every couple of weeks. (other inferior sponges need to be wet every couple of days.)

Side expansion ports (larger models) to enable more connections.

Escape and Invader proof designs with stainless steel  lid sets

Buy them with attached outworld which can also be extended to make your outworlds even bigger by using the side expansion ports.

Now held in Australian stocks, in a multitude of colours

We can design a package to suit just give us the colour size your name email and budget and we will do the rest for you including all the accessories.

Tip can't work out the right size Ant. Farm message us and we will recommend the right size for the right Ant because we know how much your colonies will grow over time with the correct care. We feed our Ants Hailes Aquariums ANT TUCKER full of the great food our Ants love to eat this can be  purchased in the Essentials section with your main product to save on combined postage.

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